Wolf Dog, The

2689. THE WOLF DOG (1933-USA) 12 Episode Mascot Serial. With RIN TIN TIN, JR., GEORGE LEWIS, “BOOTS” MALLORY, FRANKIE DARRO, HENRY B. WALTHALL. This action-packed serial essentially tells the story of a dog, a boy and a man. The dog is named Pal. His master is Jerry Patton, a famed aviator who takes the pooch with him on what he hopes will be a record-setting round-the-world flight. However, on the last leg of the trip, Patton’s plane crash lands in the “northern wilds.” Patton dies, but Pal survives and eventually joins a pack of ferocious howling wolves. Now, the boy enters the story. He is Frankie, a poor youngster who is brutalized by his unmerciful stepfather. Frankie’s ailing mother fears for the lad’s life. But, she is not really his mother! Instead, he is the son (and long lost heir) of Andrew Courtney, a Los Angeles steamship tycoon. As Frankie runs off to America, he happens to save Pal’s life. Boy and dog now become inseparable allies. The third piece of the scenario’s heroic triangle is the man: Bob Whitlock, an inventor and the radio operator on the ship in which Frankie and Pal become stowaways. Plenty of villains now appear, from Frankie’s greedy stepfather to Bryan, his guardian and the man who is secretly scheming to rob him of his inheritance. Frankie’s Uncle Jim tries to protect him. Then, there is Jim’s daughter Irene, who works as Bryan’s secretary under an assumed name. This smartly devised serial makes for a solid entertainment, crammed with fiendish schemes, mysterious attacks and daring escapes. 204 minutes. Serial