Woman Of Rome

2648. WOMAN OF ROME (1954-Italy). With GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA. Voluptuous Gina Lollobrigida adds zest to this pointed drama of passion and desire, lust and manipulation. The setting is pre-World War II Rome and Lollobrigida plays Adriana, an impoverished and impressionable young beauty who wishes no more from life than to fall in love and marry and raise a family. However, poverty has embittered Adriana’s mother, who wants to see her marry into wealth. She pushes Adriana in the wrong direction, encouraging her to take a job as an artist’s model (rather than a more appropriate one in an office). Adriana does not meet her rich Prince Charming. Instead, she is fated to become a high-class prostitute. Throughout the course of the story, several men enter her life and lust after her. The first is Gino, a chauffeur who conceals from her a dark secret. Then there is Dr. Astarita, a powerful official within the fascist ruling class. The brutish Sozogno is also becoming involved with her. Adriana eventually falls for the one man who does not crave her: Mino, an anti-fascist activist. All of these characters come together, and the result is a candid and often powerful story of innocence betrayed. After seeing this film, you will understand why Lollobrigida was one of the earthiest and most popular European sex stars of the 1950s. In Italian with English subtitles. 92 minutes. Drama