Wonderful World

2795. WONDERFUL WORLD (c. 1955-1960-USA). PARTIAL COLOR, A live TV kinescope and a colorful travelogue, both sponsored by Coca-Cola…as only they could!
1. COKE TIME (c. 1955) NBC-TV net. Sponsored by Coca-Cola. With EDDIE FISHER. The Tuskegee Institute Choir, Fred Robbins (announcer). It’s Christmas time and Eddie sings the seasonal favorites, starting with “Jingle Bells.” Maybe it was a more innocent time, but the familiar tunes all sound vibrant and sincere!
2. WONDERFUL WORLD (1960) COLOR. Only a company the size of Coca-Cola could simply present the whole world! But here it is, nicely wrapped up in technicolor and served with a bottle of you know what. With the superb voice of narrator KEN NORDINE, the Coke folks start in New England and take us through some very familiar sights in Europe, Asia, Africa and just about everywhere else. Strangely enough, it all works! We live in a very pleasant world…and, just in case you’re thirsty….
51 minutes total. Coke Sponsored