Yankee Clipper, The

1054. THE YANKEE CLIPPER (1927-usa). WITH William boyd, elinor fair, junior coghlan. Produced by CECIL B. DeMILLE. Directed by RUPERT JULIAN. The days of the magnificent clipper ships are brought to life in this spectacular adventure-romance! The Yankee Clipper, an American vessel skippered by dashing young Hal Winslow (William Boyd), is in a death-defying race with a British ship from China to Boston. The winner will take the American tea tradeÑand the loserÕs ship. There are many hardships, including a ferocious typhoon, which destroys much of the water supply. Desperately thirsty crew members mutiny, leading to a violent battle for control of the ship! As they sight Boston, the British are ahead; can Hal do anything to win this crucial race in the short time left. The entire voyage is complicated by the love-hate relationship between Hal and a beautiful Englishwoman, whom he’s shanghaied in order to prove that her fiancŽe’ is a villainous blackguardÑa fact she refuses to believe until the man displays treacherous cowardice in a dramatic moment of truth! A truly lavish production, filmed aboard an actual clipper ship: there isn’t a shot that looks like a studio backdrop or miniature. Boyd and Elinor Fair (his real wife at the time) provide attractive love interest, but the movie is stolen by ten-year-old Junior Coghlan, as a spunky stowaway. Whether getting tattooed, chewing tobacco, or climbing a rigging to elude a murderous sailor, he shows the appeal that made him one of the era’s favorite child stars. A Video Yesteryear extra: preceding the movie is a recently taped five-minute introduction by Coghlan himself. The still-charming actor provides fascinating background information on a remarkable film! Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 81 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Adventure