Yankee Doodle In Berlin

2197. YANKEE DOODLE IN BERLIN (1919-USA). With FORD STERLING. Supervised by MACK SENNETT and based on his story. Watch this comic romp and you will know exactly why the Germans lost World War II. It is a clever and zany farce done the way the one and only Mack Sennett knew how: with ample doses of slapstick that will leave you rolling in the aisles. It’s the story of intrepid aviator Bob White and his exploits while on a special mission into Germany. His commanding officer orders him to “get into German headquarters and keep me informed” of the enemy’s war plans. So what does our hero do upon arriving in “Hunland?” Why, he changes into women’s’ clothes and summarily becomes an attractive and exotic lady of mystery who surely will be able to seduce any fickle German. Sennett has glorious fun at the expense of the Hun. He depicts the Kaiser as a fool. The Kaiser’s wife is a beer guzzling slob. The prison camp commandant is a pint-sized moron. Some marching German soldiers are goofballs who make comic mockery of the goose-step. At one point dispatch arrives from the Front. “We are withdrawing by day and retreating by night. Outwitting the Allies successfully,” it reports. Appearing unbilled are a who’s who of Mack Sennett comedians. Among them are the familiar faces of BEN TURPIN, MACK SWAIN, EDGAR KENNEDY and CHESTER CONKLIN. It’s fun to watch and see where they turn up. “Silent” film with music score. 54 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy