Yodelin’ Kid From Pine Ridge

3065. YODELIN’ KID FROM PINE RIDGE (1937-USA). With GENEAUTRY, SMILEY BURNETTE, BETTY BRONSON, CHARLES MIDDLETON. Gene Autry not only sings but yodels his way through this pleasing, action-packed western entertainment. Set in Georgia and not in the Wild West, he is cast as the kind-hearted and fair-minded son of cattle rancher, Arthur Autry. The senior Aulry is one of a group of cattlemen who feel they must burn all of the pine trees in their territory so that they may increase their grasslands and keep their herds properly nourished. Gene protests, to no avail, that this is unfair. For one thing, the land is free range. For another, the trees are necessary to the survival of the turpentiners, a group of poor backwoods folks who earn their keep by harvesting pine sap. To add fuel to the fire, cattle are being stolen right out of the herds and the cattle ranchers are blaming the thievery on the turpentiners. There is plenty of hard riding and straight shooting, with Gene defying his father and friends as he comes to the assistance of the turpentiners. He is also determined to discover the identities of the real cattle thief and his henchmen. Amid all this mayhem, Gene even manages to find time to become the top-billed star of Colonel Frog Millhouse’s Wild West Show! 52 minutes. Western