Young April

1845. YOUNG APRIL (1926-usa). WITH Bessie Love, Joseph Schildkraut, Rudolph Schildkraut, BRYANT WASHBURN. Directed by DONALD CRISP. Bessie Love stars in this delightful romantic comedy as Victoria Sax, an orphan who’s been exiled in America since childÂhood. Upon the annexation of her homeland, Saxheim, by the Kingdom of Belgravia, Victoria becomes the Grand Duchess of Saxheim, the last of her line and her country’s wealthiest heiress. She’s ordered by her new king, Stefan, to be escorted to Paris, where she’ll meet up with her lady-in- waiting. The king has decided that Victoria is to be wedded to his playboy son, Crown Prince Caryl. This will be a marriage of convenience, in that Victoria is rich and Caryl is debt-ridden. The Crown Prince is not pleased at the prospect of marrying a woman he assumes to be a “bony old duchess.” He heads off to Paris for one last bachelor fling, pawning the king’s crown to finance the journey. Before he can retrieve it and return to his furious father, guess who happens to purchase the crown? None other than Victoria, while on a shopping spree. The trail of the crown can only lead to romance, but not without a hearty share of complications, plot twists and surprises. The Schildkrauts, by the way, were real-life father and son, and the director, Donald Crisp, was a long-time assoc. of CECIL B. DE MILLE (whose company produced the film). Crisp and Joseph Schildkraut were each to go on to win Best Supporting Actor Academy Awards in, respectively, 1941 and 1937. “Silent” film with original music score, correct projection speed. 72 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama