Young Bing Crosby

431. YOUNG BING CROSBY (1932,1933-USA). bing crosby, babe kane, franklin PANGBORN, FLORINE McKINNEY, SIR CHARLES the GORILLA. Three short films with the new radio crooning sensation.
1. CROONER’S HOLIDAY (1932). A condensation Of “DREAM HOUSE.” Bing plays a plumber whose girlfriend’s mother sends her Off to Hollywood. Bing winds up in the movies (in blackface!) and sings 3 songs.
2. BLUE Of THE NIGHT (1933). A MACK SENNETT musical comedy. Bing finds himself engaged to a girl he doesn’t even know! Bing sings 3 songs (including his theme song – “BLUE Of THE NIGHT”).
3. SING, BING, SING (1933). Bing plays a radio crooner (a novel idea!) trying to elope and betting 50 to 1 with the girl’s father he can do it by morning. Bing sings 4 songs including a fine “DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA.” 39 minutes total. Music