Zorro’s Fighting Legion

297. ZORRO’S FIGHTING LEGION (1939-USA). 12 Episode Republic Serial. Wiih REED HADLEY, SHEILA DARCY, WILLIAM CORSON, JIM PIERCE. 1829: Mexico has just won its brave struggle for independence. But the young Republic is threatened by internal enemies. One of the worst pretends to be Don Del Oro, an all-powerful god miraculously come to life. Dressed in gold from head to foot, this masked impersonator makes his headquarters in a secret cave, where he hatches evil schemes to steal the country’s gold and munitions, and arm the Indians so that they can force Mexico to its knees. Only one man can keep the country from falling into such treacherous hands: Zorro! The legendary masked crusader, along with his loyal Fighting Legion, rides, shoots, whips, slashes and swings his way to victory. Posing as the foppish, ineffectual Don Diego, Zorro attempts to discover who is actually the traitor Don Del Oro. While Zorro tries to unmask the false god, Don Del Oro and his men do everything possible to learn Zorro’s identity! Its a battle to the death, complete with gun fights, high-speed chases, explosions, collapsing bridges, plummeting mine shaft elevators, avalanches, closing walls, torrential floods, plunges off cliffs, swarms of killer bees, and plenty of golden arrows whizzing through the air. This well-above-average serial features a minimum of repetition and a maximum of expertly-paced excitement. And Reed Hadley. who would later star on TV’s “Racket SquadÓ and “Public Defender,” was one of the best Zorros ever. Look up in the sky! ItÕs the sign of the “flaming Z.” meaning that Zorro’s Fighting Legion is on the wayÑriding into thrilling action and adventure! 210 minutes. Serial