Ace Drummond

239. ACE DRUMMOND (1936-USA). 13 Episode Universal Serial. With JOHN KING, JEAN ROGERS, NOAH BEERY JR., LON CHANEY JR. Based on the newspaper feature created by CAPTAIN EDDIE RICKENBACKER, “America’s Beloved Ace of AcesÑThe Inspiration of Youthful Airmen the World Over.” The legendary hero of comic strip fame -Ace Drummond, “G-Man of the Air”-comes to life in this high-flying, thrill-packed serial. A group of daring men, trying to establish an airway linking the world, run into serious trouble in exotic and treacherous Mongolia. Some of the local monks, calling the planes “devil birds,” are fiercely determined to resist progress, even if it means resorting to violence. Then there’s a diabolical villain known as “The Dragon,” who does everything in his power to prevent anyone from coming near a priceless mountain of jade. Seeming to have eyes and ears everywhere, and communicating to his loyal gang through a fiendishly clever network of rotating prayer wheels, the Dragon commands them to destroy all planes-which they accomplish by sending overpowering electric shocks through the pilots’ radios. Can the Dragon ever be stopped? And exactly who is he? The list of inscrutable suspects appears to be endless. Aided by a beautiful woman, a spunky young boy, and a faithful, often comical co-pilot, the intrepid Ace soars into action, which includes high-speed air and car chases, death-defying aerial stunts. A spectacular sword fight, and even a collapsing room! DeÂspite all the bombings, explosions and crashes. Ace manages to croon his theme song: “Give me a motor’s roar, give me a plane to soar, into the blue, following through.. .Give me a ship and a song.” What can mere mortals add to that? 253 minutes. Serial