Adventure Island

2918. ADVENTURE ISLAND (1947-USA). With RORY CALHOUN, RHONDA FLEMING, PAUL KELLY, ALAN NAPIER. Three men are marooned on a tropical island. The first is Lochlin, an embittered and alcoholic former ship’s captain who has been unsuccessfully trying to live down the bad reputation he earned upon the sinking of his previous craft. The next is Mr. Hulsh, an Englishman with more than a few surprises up his sleeve. Third and last is Mr. Herrick, a rough-and-tumble young drifter. The island’s commissioner awards Lochlin the captaincy of a ship bound for Sydney with a cargo of champagne and allows Hulsh and Herrick on board as crew. However, there’s a catch: the ship’s just-deceased former captain and first mate died of smallpox. Still, the three men have won their freedom and Lochlin now has his own ship. Once on board, they are startled to find a woman: Faith Wishart, the fiery and determined daughter of the late captain. What follows are shipboard fireworks (literally as welf as figuratively), the revelation of deep dark secrets and other eye-openers. The story then really begins blazing when this group finds itself on an exotic island paradise where they are at the mercy of the insidious Mr. Atwater (played in delightful over-the-top fashion by Alan Napier). At one point, Atwater is described as a “murderous madman.” As you will see in this sizzling adventure, slaying is the feast of his sins! CAUTION: This is a black and white print of a film originally released in color. 67 minutes. Adventure