Adventures Of Rex And Rinty, The

1932. THE ADVENTURES OF REX AND RINTY (1935-USA). 12 EPISODE MASCOT Serial. With REX (KING OF THE WILD HORSES), RIN-TIN-TIN JR., KANE RICHMOND, MISCHA ALTER, SMILEY BURNETT. During the 1920’s, Rin-Tin-Tin, a stout-hearted German shepherd, was one of the movies most popular animal stars. As the story goes, Rinty was found in a German foxÂhole during World War I, and was subsequently taken to America. The original Rin-Tin-Tin died in 1932, a successor, billed as Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr., continued in the tradition of the original as an action- adventure star. Rinty is joined in this entertaining serial by Rex, a stunningly beautiful black stallion, and stalwart movie hero Kane Richmond. The story opens in Sujan, a far-off island kingdom where all horses are considered to be sacred. One in particular, an Arabian stallion, is held in the highest esteem as a living symbol of the Horse-God of Sujan, a mythical beast revered by the natives. The scenario is set into motion when, on a whim, a pair of profiteers steal the stallion, which they bring to the United States. However, the spirited animal proves to be a less-than compliant prisoner, and promptly escapes. Living nearby is a duo destined to play a key role in determining the stallion’s fate: a homeless dog, introduced as having “almost human intelligence,” who is able to instinctively differentiate between good and evil; and Frank Bradley, popular polo player-who “stands for fair play in everything he does.” Crawford, an unscrupulous sportsman who is Bradley’s rival, is the boss of the mugs responsible for the stallion’s disappearance. As the plot unfolds, horse and dog become inseparable pals, with the latter becoming the former’s protector; Bradley, too is determined to guard the animal until its rightful owner comes forward, and Crawford, greedy to possess the priceless stallion, orders his men to stop at nothing to recapture it. Fast-paced action and narrow escapes are the order of the day here; the scenes in which Rex and Rinty cavort among nature are especially well done. 231 minutes. Serial