Adventures Of Superman, The

82R. THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (1942, 1943-USA). COLOR. Well drawn full animation adventures of the “Man of Steel,” produced by MAX FLEISCHER.
1. UNDERGROUND WORLD (1943). Clark and Lois explore a vast system of caves and find a lost race of Bird-Men.
2. TERROR ON THE MIDWAY (1942). A giant Gorilla escapes at the circus. Superman Makes monkey out of hi
3. VOLCANO (1942). Lois is in terrible danger when a tropical volcano blows its top. Superman quickly puts the lid on.
4. DESTRUCTION INC. (1942). Lois Lane discovers a ring of saboteurs at the Metropolis Munitions Plant. Superman rescues her when the gang closes in. Clark’s disguise guessed by Lois (but not that one)!
5. SECRET AGENT (1943). A beautiful spy for our government is aided by Superman to foil a gang of Nazi saboteurs.
6. BILLION DOLLAR LIMITED (1942). A billion dollars in gold is on its way to the mint, but ruthless gang has other plans for it.
7. SHOWDOWN (1942). Superman is on a crime spree! Actually, it’s a cheap hoodlum in Superman suit-but what’s Clark Kent going to do about it?
10. ELEVENTH HOUR (1942). Action packed cartoon extravaganzas. 83 minutes total. Cartoon