Africa Speaks

1255. AFRICA SPEAKS! (1910-usa). Photographed and narrated by PAUL L. HOEFLER.’The Strangest Adventure Ever Filmed!” Come with explorer-naturalist Paul L Hoefler on a fourteen-month journey across Equatorial Africa. Armed with a camera and a gun, he takes the viewer from the Niger River to the Indian Ocean, to see “the sinister, the mysterious, the unknown.” Travel with him through a “land of savagery and dangerous adventure where nature is without mercy and deadly beasts of the jungle are supreme.” Hoefler offers the rare opponunity to see many of Africa’s most intriguing animals up close: lions, rhinoceri, zebras, antelope, giraffes, flamingos and vultures. With him, experience a blight of Abyssinian locusts photographed from his tent through a layer of Eisenglass. He even takes the viewer to the hellish riverbanks where the tsetse flies breed. Most exciting of all is Hoefler’s documentary footage of the Pygmy, Ubangi and Massai tribes carrying out daily duties and performing ceremonial rites. In Hoefler’s words, “Shooting the prowlers of the plain with a camera is much more difficult than with a gun.” It’s a fine pictorial record of Africa in 1930, the continent will never be the same! 58 minutes. Documentary