Alice In Paris; Alice Of Wonderland In Paris

2613. ALICE IN PARIS (Alice Of Wonderland In Paris) (1966-USA). Color. With the voices of CARL REINER, HOWARD MORRIS. Based on stories by JAMES THURBER and others. This heartwarming animated feature will please the children and will also bring out the child that lives within every adult, it begins as young Alice dreams of traveling to Paris. “That is a Wonderland that is real,” she sighs. Suddenly a wee Parisian mouse named Anatole appears. He is a cheese taster who asks Alice to tell him her favorite cheese. If she agrees to complete his survey, he will take her to Paris. With the help of a chunk of magic cheese, Alice becomes as tiny as Anatole and rides with him to Paris on his bicycle. The mouse has a handlebar mustache; his wife reads “Mouse and Garden” magazine! Obviously a great film! in the “City Of Lights,” Alice hears several fascinating stories. A little girl named Madeline helps to reform a mischievous boy named Pepilo who has been nicknamed “a bad hat.” A caring king goes to extraordinary lengths to cure his son’s “immovable frown.” A court jester comes to the aid of his monarch when a sickly little princess asks for the moon in order to get well. The finale features Madeline and Pepilo in a hair-raising story of their abduction by gypsies. The charming assortment of fantasies offers unforgettable entertainment for those who have not lost the ability to make believe. 52 minutes. Animated Fantasy