All Aboard the New York Central Collection

2581. ALL ABOARD! THE NEW YORK CENTRAL COLLECTION. Three short films produced by the New York Central in the late 1940s.
1. THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE. “The Iron Horse.” What American does not thrill to the sight of a speeding train? The biggest thing that moves on land! How a steam locomotive works, how they’re maintained. Ever wonder how the wheel on a locomotive is changed?
2. THE FREIGHT YARD. What do you do with a boxcar filled with freight to get it to its proper destination? You send it over “the hump,” and sort out the cars as they roll downhill at one every twenty seconds. An absolutely fascinating portrait of the complex operations vital to the handling of freight. Recommended.
3. THE RAILROAD SIGNAL. A history of how to control the speed and safety of “modern” railroads, starting with the early hand signals, written orders and automatic signaling systems. The electromechanical devices used are cleverly designed and ingenious.
56 minutes total. Railroading