All Aboard The Pennsylvania Railroad

2798. ALL ABOARD…THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD (1955-1956 USA). A delightful collection of four films produced by the “Pennsy” in the 1950s. This was what “riding the rails” was really like!
1. PROGRESS ON THE RAILS (c. 1955) What’s new in railroading? Glad you asked! There’s modern signaling and speed control devices, new advances in track maintenance. You can even telephone from a train! And wail till you see the new electromechanical ticket reservation system!
2. WHEELS OF STEEL (c. 1955). Let’s meet a locomotive! Yes, they’re big and heavy, but they’re really the heart of a railroad! We’ll inspect them, care for them and enjoy the thrill of power when they’re rolling down the track. There never was anything like ’em!
3. OPENINC A NEW FRONTIER (1955). Trans-country roading began in 1850 and has come along way in just over 100 years. Today,” we follow a freight shipment from Chicago to New York as it “piggybacks” aboard a flat car and then is driven to its final destination.
4. CLEAR TRACK AHEAD (1956). A history of railroad progress, the film ends with scenes of the latest development in steam and steam turbine locomotives of the future. Although diesels and electrics are nice too, obviously, steam will carry the load in the future! Obviously.
69 minutes total. Railroading