1933. ALPHAV1LLE (1965-France-ltaly). With EDDIE CONSTANTINE, ANNA KARINA, AKIM TAMIROFF. Directed by JEAN-LUC GODARD. Legendary French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard directs this tantalizing, ultra-hip masterpiece: a film which is immensely entertaining as a spoof of science fiction, fantasy and gangster movies, as well as a provocative warning with regard to the potential dangers of mankind’s relying too heavily on modern technology. The scenario is set in the near future: 1984, where back on Earth, movies may only be seen in “Cinerama Museums!” The star is Eddie Constantine, American-born French cinema luminary who often was cast as the characÂter he plays here: Lemmy Caution, a hard-nosed, whiskey-soaked, chain-smoking, trench coat-garbed American private eye. Caution is dispatched from Earth to the futuristic city of Alphaville, the capital of a faraway galaxy. On his arrival, he is quick to note, “something was definitely wrong” in Alphaville: there are neither artists nor freethinkers in the city, and all women appear to be either automaton-seductresses or automaton-virgins. Indeed, in Alphaville, “No one has lived in the past. No one will live in the future. The present is the only form of life…” Caution’s mission is to uncover the fate of Henri Dickson, his predecessor, who has fallen prey to Alphaville’s excesses, and to seek out and destroy an evil scientist. Professor Von Brawn, who employs an oversized computer known as Alpha 60 to rule Alphaville. Alpha 60 is one hundred light years more powerful than any computÂer on Earth. It is a separate entity unto itself in that it has a mind all its own, and has come to lord over the Alphaville citizenry via its own set of rules. Additionally, all who resist Alpha 60 are uncereÂmoniously executed. Disguised as a journalist for the “Times-Pravda,” Caution commences his invesÂtigation, which leads to all sorts of heart-stopping intrigue. Along the way, he ever so typically falls for a beautiful dame, Natacha, Von Braun’s daughter (played by Anna Karina, Danish-born actress- model who then was married to Godard). A fascinating footnote: While in production, this film was known as “Tarzan Versus I.B.M.1” Dubbed into English. Highly recommended! 99 minutes. Science Fiction