Amazing Adventure, The; Amazing Quest Of Mr. Ernest Bliss, The; Romance And Riches

1072. THE AMAZING ADVENTURE (The Amazing Quest Of Mr. Ernest Bliss) (Romance and Riches) (1936-England). With CARY GRANT, MARY BRIAN. The amazing adventure begins when multi-millionaire Ernest Bliss is told by his physician that money is making him self-indulgent and is destroying his health. The cure: earn a living! Bliss bets the doctor £50,000 that he can exist for an entire year without touching his fortune, then sets Off to find the first job Of his life. After trying unsuccessfully to sell stoves, he devises a brilliant promotion scheme that makes his boss’s company the biggest in the business. He goes on to become a chauffeur, and gets involved in a bizarre plot to impersonate himself and steal his own money! A crisis occurs when the woman he’s fallen for needs money to save her sister’s life, and she can get it only by marrying her unappealing employer. Should BlissÑ who hopes she’d love him without knowing he’s rich-reveal his extraordinary wealth? The ending is as amazing as the rest Of the adventure! In the tradition Of My Mar) Godfrey, Sullivan’s Travels and other Depression comedies, a cleverly written, well-acted and skillfully directed piece Of smoothly-polished entertainment. Watch for some Of the fanciest wipes in film history! Caution: Our print lacks contrast and appears slightly “washed out” in spots. 62 minutes. Drama