Americano, The

2193. THE AMERICANO (1917-usa). WITH Douglas Fairbanks, Alma Rubens (REUBENS). Supervised by D.W. GRIFFITH. Co-written by ANITA LOOS. Most of this rousing Douglas Fairbanks vehicle is set in the fictional Caribbean republic of Paragonia, “a land of sunÂshine and music, adventure and romance.” Only lately Paragonia has been the site of much turÂmoil. Of grave concern is the renewal of the country’s mining concession by the American Mining Company. You know that President de Valdez and Premier de Castille are good guys. That’s because both are for extending the concession. You know that the Minister of War Salsa Espada is the villain. That’s because he is vehemently against the extension. This scoundrel also refers to the Americans as “pigs.” Premier de Castille is about to sail for New York. Once he is gone, Espada has plotted to take over the country. De Castille arrives in America in the company of the president’s beloved daughter Juana, the “Rose Of Paragonia.” Enter Fairbanks in the title role, an “all-around guy” employed as an American engineer. His boss wishes to transfer him to Paragonia so that he may run the mine. Our hero is not in the least bit interested in the job until he gets an eyeful of Juana. Upon his arrival he discovers that Espada has usurped all authority throughout the country. Juana is held captive in her father’s house. The time finally has come for Fairbanks lo commence scaling walls and performing his other fabled feats of derring-do. “Silent” film with music score. 54 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Adventure