America’s First Women Filmmakers

2126. AMERICA’S FIRST WOMEN FILMMAKERS (1913-1921-USA). The Films Of Alice Guy-Blache and Lois Weber. Examples Of the many films produced and/or directed by these pioneers, before the Hollywood system placed them in less creative positions.
1. HOW MEN PROPOSE (1913-USA). With MARGARITA FISCHER, CHESTER 8ARNETT. Produced and (probably) directed by LOIS WEBER. How does the male court the female? A short film that shows the lady dispassionately researching the subject, but the boy’s just in Jove!
2. MATRIMONY’S SPEED LIMIT (1913-USA). With FRAUNIE FRAUNHOLZ, MARIAN SWAYNE. Produced and directed by ALICE GUY-BLACHE. A young lady with a wedding in mind tricks her fiancŽe into believing He’ll be rich if he can only get married before noon!
3. A HOUSE DIVIDED (1913-USA), With MARIAN SWAYNE, FRAUNIE FRAUNHOLZ. Produced and directed by ALICE GUY-BLACHE. A comedy about divorce…the old fashioned way.
4. TOO WISE WIVES (1921-USA). With CLAIRE WINDSOR, LOUIS CALHERNE. Produced, directÂed, written by LOIS WEBER. Who’s the best kind Of wife? How should a proper lady and wife act in society? Some interesting feature-length answers to the eternal questions posed by the battle Of the sexes. “Silent” films with original organ score. 112 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies