Anatomy Of A Psycho

2535. ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO (1961-USA). With RONNIE BURNS, “(Duke) Marco Dies Tonight For Brutal Slaying.” With this red-hot headline begins a tough and vivid crime melodrama chronicling Chet Marco’s rampage of revenge against those who put his older brother on death row. Hours before the midnight execution, Chet picks up Duke’s effects at the prison. On his way home, a group of hoods razz him about his brother, the “punk killer.” Even his sister, Pat, tells him that Duke is a murderer. Nonetheless, as the clock strikes twelve, Chet swears to his pals that he will smash all the witnesses and authorities who caused his brother’s death. Together, the friends form a hooded band of brutes who terrorize the sons of the district attorney and judge. Then, they find out that Pat’s fiancee Mickey Craig (played by George Burns and Gracie Allen’s handsome son, Ronnie) is the son of the prosecution’s eyewitness. Chet goes haywire! In these moments, a disturbed delinquent is transformed into a bloodthirsty psycho as this riveting crime thriller builds to a frenzy of violence for the sake of vengeance. 72 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense