Andy Clyde: Two Reel Comedy Classic

1. THE CANNONBALL (1931-USA). With ANDY CLYDE, VERNON DENT. Supervised by MACK SENNETT. Andy is side splittingly funny as Edward Martin, a zany inventor who has just inherited a dilapidated old railroad. How does this relate to the fact that his latest concoction is a rocket, which he claims can travel 1,500 miles in one minute and two-fifths seconds? Find out in this most diverting comic delight.
2. HALF BAKED RELATIONS (1934-USA). With ANDY CLYDE. Andy is on trial for assaulting brother-in-law Homer Healy with a monkey wrench. He acknowledges that he is gurity of the deed, but only because a shotgun wasn’t handy! Andy tells the judge that even though he is a peace-loving man, he has good reason for battering Homer. Listen to this!
3. DORA’S DUNKING DONUTS (1933-USA). With SHIRLEY TEMPLE, ANDY CLYDE.Before she became the most beloved child star ever to grace the screen. Shirley Temple appeared in a number of short subjects. Here is one of them: an amusing concoction in which she is teamed with Andy Clyde. Andy plays a country schoolteacher who is courting the lady who sells him homemade doughnuts each morning on his way to work. Shirley is the smallest and sweetest of his pupils, all of whom are musically inclined. The laughs begin when Andy involves the children in a plot to market his beloved’s baked goods on the radio. 56 minutes total. Comedy