Animal Farm

5. ANIMAL FARM (1954-England). COLOR. This internationally-acclaimed cartoon feature, based on GEORGE ORWELL’s powerful satire Of Communism, took three years to mate. Its production values-including rich colors, engagingly rendered characters and thrilling action sequences-make it a classic Of animation art, but it also faithfully captures the memorable incidents and sharp political allegory Of Orwell’s immortal novel. The animals on a prosperous farm are cruelly exploited and beaten by the oppressive owner. Joining together in rebellion, they throw out the master, take over the farm, and establish rules to ensure equality among animals and a sharing Of the wealth. For a while, Animal Farm thrives, and all is peaceful. 8ul the pigs begin to assume more and more power, until one Of them becomes dictator. Enforcing their rule with a pack Of vicious dogs, the pigs relax and drink while the other animals work slavishly. Eventually, the revolution is almost-forgotten, the farm is an imitation Of the brutal enterprise that had been overthrown, and the motto “All animals are equal” has been chillingly modified: “But some animals are more equal than others.” A new spirit Of rebellion begins to form. Whether viewed as a still-relevant political statement, a clever literary adaptation, or an entertaining cartoon, this film has something for everyone, 72 minutes. Animated Comedy-Satire