Anna Karenina

2232. ANNA KARENINA (1948-ENGLAND). WITH vivien leigh, ralph richardson, kieron MOORE, SALLY ANN HOWES, MARTHA HUNT. Based on the novel by LEO TOLSTOY. Producer by ALEXANDER KORDA. Here is a keenly observed and simply splendid screen version Of the legendary love story featuring the great Vivien Leigh as Tolstoy’s fabled heroine. The setting is Russia and the time is the late 19th-century. Anna Karenina Is wed to and neglected by the stodgy bureaucrat Alexei Karenina who near the beginning Of the film is ever so correctly described as a “colossal bore.” Anna also is deeply devoted to her young son. While on a trip away from her St. Petersburg home, she meets the dashing army Officer Count Vronsky. Anna has no intention Of becoming involved in an extramarital affair with him or any other man. Vronsky is as charming and drop-dead gorgeous as can be. So the setting is right for romance. As any Tolstoy aficionado will know, Anna’ fragile heart is destined to be tragically broken. The opulent sets and striking costumes (by CECI BEATON) add dazzle to the film. Vivien Leigh commands attention with her loveliness and thoughtful acting. Ralph Richardson’s performance as the pedantic and unlikeable Karenin is as brilliant as one might expect from this heralded actor. Among the film’s writers was the celebrated playwright JEAN ANOUILH. 112 minutes. Drama.