2310. ANTIGONE (1960-Greece). With IRENE PAPAS. Based on the tragedy by SOPHOCLES. The brilliantly realized and faithfully rendered adaptation of the fabled Greek tragedy serves as a textÂbook example of how to bring classic literature to the screen. The setting is the ancient Creek city of Thebes. King Oedipus had come to his ruin as the result of an edict put forth by the gods. Oedipus’ sin was that he had unknowingly murdered his father and married his mother. He was forced into exile; he gouged out his eyes and met his death as a lowly beggar. Remaining in Thebes were Oedipus’ four children with his son Eteocles taking over the throne. His other son Potyneices had organized an army and led an assault on Thebes. In the ensuing battle the two brothers met and killed each other. Now only Oedipus’ daughters Ismene and Antigone survive. Antigone is engaged to wed Haemon, the sole surviving son of King Creon. The King proclaims that he only will allow burial for one of Antigone’s brothers. Eteocles will have a hero’s funeral. Polyneices will remain unburied and “unsung,” with his remains left to the vultures. Antigone persists in her determination to bury Polyneices, even if it means defying the king and placing her own life in danger. The distinÂguished Greek actress Irene Papas is at once deeply intense and radiant as Antigone. In Greek with English subtitles. 85 minutes. Historical Drama