Ape, The

1090. THE APE (1940-USA). With BORIS KARLOFF. The village folks don’t care much for Dr. Adrian. In fact, the good citizens have considered running him out of town. They suspect the doctor has gone too far in his experiments. But there may be madness to his method! When a ferocious ape escapes from a travelling circus. Dr. Adrian emÂbarks on a fiendish plot to obtain human spinal fluids needed for a serum to make crippled people walk again. When a pretty teenager whom he is treating for paralysis gradually is able to move her foot, he realizes his plan probably is succeeding. And who could better play the doctor than Boris Karloff. His deliberate manner, a quiet demeanor that disguises a healthy mind gone askew, the famous soft lisping voice, now and then a twitching eye; these are the nuances that set moviegoers on the edges of their seats for half a century. The Ape is the essence of the Hollywood horror film, with a mad doctor portrayed by the master of maniacal movies and a frightening ape as destrucÂtive as King Kong and as mighty as Joe Young. It is the gripping tale of a devoted (and demented!) physician who takes the lives of the undeserving so that he might cure the suffering of innocent young people. It’s a horror film of the old school that may not make your blood curdle but it may make your spinal fluids tingle! 62 minutes. Horror