Arizona Kid, The

2786. THE ARIZONA KID (1939-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, STUART HAMBLEN. The year is 1861. The North and South are divided. Fort Sumter, will momentarily be fired upon and brother will be battling brother in the Civil War. However, this conflict seems an eternily away as Roy Rogers, “The Arizona Kid,” rides his horse Trigger and merrily sings. Roy and his crusty old coot of a sidekick (played by who else but “Gabby” Hayes) are returning from Arizona to Roy’s home city of Kelso, Missouri. They are unaware of the volatile situation in Kelso and throughout the state. Missourians may have voted to stay in the Union, but the state remains a house divided with some individuals favoring loyalty to Washinglon and some preferring the South. Still others are concerned only with profiling financially from all the dissension in Missouri and nearby Kansas. The only side they are on is their own. Amid the chaos of the time, they would rather outrageously attack and murder civilians in order to line their pockets than to fight for a cause. One of these men is McBride, a greedy low-life who leads a gang of looters whose criminal activities soon make newspaper headlines. Add to the mix Dave, Roy’s childhood friend who foolishly chooses to ride with McBride. There’s plenty of action and excitement as Roy (who has decided to fight for the Confederacy) finds himself in conflict more with McBride and Dave than with any Northerner. 54 minutes. Western