Arrest Bulldog Drummond

2080. ARREST BULLDOG DRUMMOND (1939-usa). With john howard, HEATHER ANGEL, H.B. WARNER, REGINALD DENNY, EE. CLIVE, GEORGE ZUCCO. Howard is ideally cast as debonair Captain Hugh C. “Bulldog” Drummond, former British army Officer and curÂrent man-about-town who is forever finding himself right in the thick Of murder and mayhem. Here, Drummond is set to wed the love Of his life, pretty Phillis Clavering. It is the night before the nupÂtials and he and his constant (and forever befuddled) companion Algy Longworth pay a visit to the laboratory Of their old friend Richard Gannett. The latter is the “foremost electrical engineer in England.” He has invented the “Gannett detonator,” an ultra-powerful ray gun which you would not want to see in the hands Of the wrong people. It seems that Gannett has declined an invitation to Drummond’s bachelor party. Furthermore he has written the strangest Of notes which he has signed the “Earl Of Destiny.” In it he declares that the “whole world is hurtling towards destruction and only I can save it.” Gannett is promptly and brutally murdered with Drummond finding himself accused Of the crime. Then another corpse falls out Of a closet. All Of this certainly puts a crimp in DRUMMOND’S WEDDING PLANS! HE HAD BETTER UNCOVER THE KILLER BEFORE HE FINDS HIMSELF CONVICTED Of murder and dangling from the gallows! 58 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense