Art Of Cinema Begins, The

2926. THE ART OF CINEMA BEGINS (1894-1908-USA-France). Some of the first movies ever made. Some were intended lo be projected, others were for Mutoscope machines. EDISON FILMS: THE MAY IRWIN KISS (1896). With MAY FRWIN and JOHN RICE. The first kiss ever captured on film. SERPENTINE DANCE (1895). With ANNABELLE WHITFORD. Tinted stock. SERPENTINE DANCE (1896). Tinted stock. Freeze frame portions of this brief film to see full frame copyright notices to thwart film pirates. SANDOW (1894). With EUGENE SANDOW, a well known strong-man. THE GLENROY BROTHERS (1894). A scene of prize fighting. THE COCK FIGHT (1896). THE BARBER SHOP (1894). FEEDING THE DOVES (1896). A full frame copyright notice can be seen. SEMINARY GIRLS (1897). LUMIERE FILMS: SWIMMING IN THE SEA (1895). CHILDREN FISHING FOR SHRIMP (1896). LOADING A BOILER (1896). DRAGOONS CROSSING THE SAONE (1896). THE PROMENADE OF THE OSTRICHES (1896). (Strangely only one ostrich is visible!) A CHILDISH QUARREL (1895). THE LION (1896). THE PHOTOGRAPH (1895). The man being photographed is August Lumiere himself. THE TRANSFORMATION OF HATS (1895). With FELCIEN TREWEY. CARMAUX: DRAWING OUT THE COKE (1896). POULTRY YARD (1896). ARAB CORTEGE: GENEVA (1896). NEW YORK: THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE (1896). (Despite the title, it appears to be the Manhattan Bridge!) NEW YORK: BROADWAY AT UNION SQUARE (1896). POLICEMAN’S PARADE: CHICAGO (1896). A VOYAGE TO THE MOON (1902). The famous science fiction film by Georges Melies. One of the first victims of film piracy! FILMS OF AMERICAN MUTOSCOPE AND THE BIOGRAPH COMPANY: McKINLEY AT HOME (1896). The first film of the president ever taken. PACK TRAIN ON THE CHILKOOT PASS (1898). Charlie Chaplin recreated this scene for the start of “The Gold Rush.” SKYSCRAPERS OF NEW YORK FROM NORTH RIVER (1903). THE GEORGETOWN LOOP (1903) Filmed by BILLY BITZER. THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE (1906). THE DOG and HIS VARIOUS MERITS (1908). MOSCOW CLAD IN SNOW (1908). AIRPLANE FLIGHT AND WRECK (1910). A FIRE IN A BURLESQUE THEATRE (1904). AIRY FAIRY LILLIAN TRIES ON HER NEW CORSETS (1905). FROM SHOW GIRL TO BURLESQUE QUEEN (1903). TROUBLES OF A MANAGER OF A BURLESQUE SHOW (1903). THE WHOLE DAM FAMILY and THE DAM DOG (1905). THE GOLDEN BEETLE (1907). Tinted stock. “Silent” films with music score. 56 minutes total. Cinema History