Assignment: Outer Space; Space Men

2319. ASSIGNMENT: OUTER SPACE (Space Men) (1960-Italy). Color. With Rik Von Nutter. This is a terrifying science fiction drama whose scenario unfolds in the year 2116. The action takes place aboard the spacecraft Bravo Zulu 88. It has just taken off on a ten-day misÂsion into the vast reaches of deep space. On board is Ray Peterson, a young reporter. Peterson is no novice to space flight as he previously had covered assignments on numerous trips to the moon. However, he has never been on such a tumultuous journey. The Bravo Zulu 88 crewmembers seem less than enthused by his presence. The belligerent commander even refers to Peterson as a “medÂdler” making an “unwelcome visit” to his spaceship. He will appreciate Peterson even less as the two vie for the attention of Lucy, the ship’s pretty navigator. As the ship zooms through space, Peterson and the crew must contend with a fiery meteorite, magnetic storms and other less-than- welcome surprises. Finally they come upon and attempt to rescue a spacecraft in distress. Its pilot has died. Consequently it is being operated by an electronic brain and is spinning out of control. This leads to a hair-raising predicament in which those on board Bravo Zulu 88 are not only placed in harm’s way but must act quickly and sure-handedly in order to save the Earth from certain destruction. Dubbed into English. 74 minutes. Science Fiction