Atrocities Of The Orient

523. ATROCITIES Of THE ORIENT (1959-USA). World Ward: the Japanese take over the Philippines, disrupting the people’s peaceful lives and wreaking havoc everywhere. When they’re not grunting grotesquely or screaming “Banzai!” the ruthless laps are performing every atrocity imaginable: looting, torturing, raping, burning, bombing, bayonetting and beheading. They destroy entire villages, humiliate prisoners, andÑjust to give one exÂample Of their malicious methods-brutally bayonet a pious Christian because he refuses to recognize the Emperor as God. Two Filipino soldiers wage a private war, over a woman. When one Of them kills her so she won’t suffer a fate worse than death at the hands Of the Japanese, the other is out raged. But they recognize their common bond- haired Of the Japs- and both refuse to surrender. One endures assorted atrocities as a prisoner Of war, the other becomes the notorious outlaw “Corregidor,” joining forces with a brave female colonel in various acts Of resistance throughout the Occupation. An unusual mixture (although some Of it blends like oil and water) Of romance, combat, propaganda – and even songs. And, Of course, a generous portion Of “atrocities Of the Orient”! 80 minutes. Exploitation