Avant Garde

806. AVANT GARDE #2 (1924, 1928-Germany, France).
1. SYMPHONIE DIAGONAUE (Diagonalsymphonien) (1924-Germany). “Made in 1924 by VIKING EGGELING, Symphonie Diagonale is the best abstract film yet conceived. It is an experiment to discover the basic principles of the organization of time intervals in the film medium,” Eggeling, a Dadaist believing in “Rhythm in Painting,” look three years to comptele the film.
2. L’ETOILE DE MER (1928-France). Directed and photographed by MAN RAY, founder of the New York Dada movement and an early Surrealist. Surrealism shot through a frosted glass; a love story is apparent, but more is intended. Exactly what transpires exists only in the mind of the beholder. Note the symbolism of the starfish.
3. ENTR’ACTE (1924-france). Directed by RENE CLAIR and starring prominent Dadaist artists MAN RAY, MARCEL DUCHAMP, and ERIK SATIE. Pure cinematic imagery telling a story with humor and satire. Created by Clair to be shown during the intermission of the instantist Ballet “Theatre Closed.” (The signs out front confused and annoyed many of the opening night patrons who left, thinking the performance had been cancelled.) “Entr’acte” then, was made to be an intermission; the title translates to “between acts.” It stands today as a major experimental expression, combining almost all technical aspects of film, including fast and slow motion, split screen, special effects, and a tribute to Mack Sennett. Clair remained within his own world, seeing the everyday objects of life in his own unique way. Who is to say we are right find he is wrong? Silent films with music score, correct projection speed. 42 minutes total. Avant Garde