2222. BABOONA (1935-USA). Produced by MARTIN and OSA JOHNSON. The Johnsons were fabled explorers and documentary filmmakers. Over the years this husband and wife team travelled throughout the remotest regions of the world, filming their journeys and editing them into engrossÂing celluloid chronicles. Here they journey across 60,000 miles of Africa in two small airplanes. The Johnsons share their encounters with a sea of pink flamingos and twenty-five-fool-long crocodiles. In the land of the tsetse fly where few natives dare live, lions charge Osa’s plane when she pokes her head out the window. Only her quick movement and a thin pane of glass save her life. Another time she bravely stands in a field of thick grass and shoots a rhino as it charges her. Osa’s domestic side reveals itself as she cuddles (and subsequently captures) a baby elephant and a family of infant cheetahs. The climax of this enchanting safari is the discovery of a remarkable land of baboons, the greatest number any explorer ever had found. The camera captures the lifestyle of this highly intelliÂgent member of the monkey family with an intimacy and agility never before accomplished. The Johnsons ended up calling this “the most delightful and glorious safari” they ever had. 73 minutes. Documentary