Baby Face Harry Langdon

1141. BABY FACE HARRY LANGDON (1925-1926-USA). Combining with the talents Of director Harry Edwards and writer gag-man Frank Capra (before he went on to become one Of Hollywood’s most revered filmmakers). Harry Langdon appeared in some Of the silent cinema’s funniest comedies. “Saturday Afternoon” and “Lucky Stars” are a pair Of their typically hilarious collaborations.
1. SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1926-USA). With HARRY LANGDON, ALICE WARD, VERNON DENT. Directed by HARRY EDWARDS. Story by FRANK CAPRA and ARTHUR RIPLEY. Proposed here is she momentous question: In 1864, when Lincoln declared all men free, did he or did he not include husbands? Hapless Harry Higgins (Langdon), “just a crumb from the sponge Of life,” must contend with nagging wife Alice Ward; however, through no fault Of his own, he finds himself scheduled to date a young cutie. Harry’s “ride between two cars” is a highlight – one Of the most ingenious gags you’ll ever see in a silent comedy.
2. LUCKY STARS (1925-USA). With HARRY LANGDON, NATALIE KINGSTON, VERNON DENT. Directed by HARRY EDWARDS. Story by FRANK CAPRA, ARTHUR RIPLEY. Harry Lamb (Langdon) is a trusting soul intent on following his guiding star and becoming a great physician. He is, instead, taken in by a quack doc Vernon Dent. For some inexplicable reason, he is also vamped by sexy senorita Natalie Kingston. Note: these films also appear as cat. #2846. “Silent” films with music score, correct projection speed. 60 minutes total.