Bat, The

2186. THE BAT (1959-USA). With VINCENT PRICE, AGNES MOOREHEAD. Directed by CRANE WILBUR, based on the play by MARY ROBERTS RINEHART and AVERY HOPWOOD. The presence of horror film favorite Vincent Price is a sure sign that this first-rate version of the beloved Rinehart-Hopwood mystery yarn will be loaded with many bone-chilling frights. The setting is a spooky mansion known as “The Oaks.” The damsels-in-distress are mystery writer Cordelia Van Gorder (who has rented ‘”The Oaks” for the summer) and her devoted maid. Yet little does she realize she will be in far an experience far stranger and scarier than anything she has ever conjured up for one of her stories. It seems that there is a killer on the loose. The police have dubbed him “The Bat.” He lets loose real bats on his unsuspecting victims, all of whom were women. The Oaks” seems like a logical place for him to strike next, especially since there may be $1 million in stolen negotiable securities hidden there. Price plays a pivotal role in the story as Dr. Malcolm Wells, personal physician to the banker who pilfered the securities. Could Wells be ÒThe Bat?” Director Crane Wilbur started out in movies as an actor back in 1910. Over the next few years he was considered to be one of the screen’s best-looking leading men. He later became a screenwriter and began directing films in the mid-1930s. Little Rascals fans take note: That’s DARLA HOOD in the role of the bank secretary. As you will see, Darla is now a very big girl! 30 minutes. Horror