Batteling Hoofer, The; Something To Sing About

449. BATTLING HOOfER (Something to Sing About) (1937-USA). With JAMES CAGNEY, WILLIAM FRAWLEY, GENE LOCKHART. Directed by VICTOR SCHERTZINGER. Cagney is in his true element as Terry Rooney, a song and dance man on his way lo Hollywood and stardom. Shooting his debut film for Galor Studios, “Any Old Love,” Terry does a humdinger Of a job. He’s so good that movie mogul “B.O.” Reagan refuses to let anyone pay him a compliment, for fear he will develop an inflated ego – which could lead loan inflated salary! Poor, dejected Terry disappears before the picture is released. When it arrives at movie screens and audiences fall head-over-heels in love with Terry, “B.O.” casts a wide net to find his elusive new star. Cagney takes full advantage Of this opportunity to show Off his many talents. When he isn’t singing, he’s dancing, romancing or making funny faces. Don’t miss the scene in which he performs a “slow bum” worthy Of the master Of that gesture, Edgar Kennedy. The film provides a satirical glimpse Of Hollywood moviemaking that makes it a fine companion piece to Janet Gaynor-Fredric March’s “a Star is Born,” released the same year. Both pictures are records Of how movies were shot in the Golden Age Of Hollywood. More than anything else, this is a star vehicle for Cagney: the tough guy, the comedian, the lover and the musical genius. Jimmy dances up a storm in this lively and tune-filled musical feast. 82 minutes. Musical