Beast Of Morocco; Hand Of Night, The

2568. BEAST OF MOROCCO (The Hand Of Night) (1968-England) COLOR. With WILLIAM SYLVESTER. Meet Paul Carver. He is a British architect who is flying to Morocco to escape from the agony he has experienced back home. Two months earlier, his wife and children were killed in a car crash. Since then, as he explains, “nothing’s made much sense.” While on the plane, Carver has the strangest of nightmares. In it, he finds himself in an ancient underground tomb. A wedding is taking place. The bride enters the tomb and promptly screams as one of the coffins is opened. Carver describes the dream as “a mixture of the past, the present. Things I don’t understand.” The guilt-ridden man also refers to himself as “a harbinger of death and desolation.” It just so happens that one of the characters in the dream is Gunther, an archaeologist who is the stranger seated next to Carver on the plane. Gunther invites Carver to a party in honor of the discovery of some ancient tombs. At the affair, he meets the lovely Marisa, a mystery woman who is certain to cause Carver further angst as he finds himself all-too-willingly led down “the road into the dark.” You will be riveted to the screen as Carver’s plight and fate unfold in this chillingly macabre combination horror film-mystery involving ghosts, vampires and other unspeakable evils. 90 minutes Horror