Beau Brummel

1226. BEAU BRUMMEL (1924-USA). With JOHN BARRYMORE, MARY ASTOR, IRENE RICH. Directed by HARRY BEAUMONT. John Barrymore may have been the youngest of the Barrymore siblings, yet he was unquestionably far more popular and admired than Ethel and Lionel. In fact, he was considered the greatest stage actor his day. While he made his screen debut in 1913, it was not until the 1920s that Barrymore really began to hit stride as a film performer. He is ideally cast as “Beau Brummel,” an adaptation of CLYDE FITCH’S “Beau Brummel, a Play in Four Acts, which opened on the New York stage in 1916. George Bryan Brummel is a captain in the Tei Hussars during the reign of England’s King George III. After his sweetheart. Lady Margery (eighteen-year-old Mary Astor, who attained stardom here), is forced to wed another, Brummel decides to utilize his considerable charming wit and personal demeanor in a game against the society that robbed him of his love. So, he becomes the friend of princes, the arbiter of fashion, the social ruler of EnglandÑand the greatest dandy of all time. The rise and event fall of Beau Brummel makes for entertaining drama, and is a fine vehicle for Barrymore’s awesome talents. Sill film with music score, correct projection speed. 117 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama