Bell Telephone Science Hour #2

3094. BELL TELEPHONE SCIENCE HOUR (January 26, 1959) NBC-TV net. COLOR. “The Alphabet Conspiracy” with Dr. FRANK BAXTER, HANS CONREID. Animation directed by FRIZ FRELENG. A visit in live action and animation to a magic land for a look at language. The Mad Hatter and the Jabberwocky plan to do away with words! But what about letters and phonemes? What about sign language, drum language, whistling talk and speech by animals? This program is just as informative and entertaining today as it was when first telecast. Please note the visit with “AUDRE” (an “automatic digit recognizer) and voice typewriters that write the words they “hear” as they are spoken! The study of “linguistics” has come a long way since the first “talking machine” was built in 1780 (and you thought it was invented by Thomas Edison)! Recommended. 53 minutes. Nonfiction TV