Beloved Rogue, The

1745. THE BELOVED ROGUE (1927-usa). WITH john Barrymore, Conrad veidt, Marceline day, slim summerville, mack swain. Art Direction by william cameron menzies. The Great PrOfile gallivants through this stirring romantic costume drama as France Villon, the best writer Of verse in 15th Century France: a “poet, pickpocket, patriot-loving France earnestly. Frenchwomen excessively, and French wine exclusively.” The film is crammed with charm and color as Villon is crowned King Of the Revels for All Fools’ Day; lampoons and then battles the dastardly Charles, Duke Of Burgundy, who covets the throne Of France and seeks to enslave his country; and romances the lovely Charlotte de Vauxcelles, ward Of the cunning King Louis (well-played by Conrad Veidt). Charlotte, as one would expect, is being farced to wed a man s does not love, who happens to be one Of the Duke Of Burgundy’s henchmen. Not for an instant will this dampen the determination Of Villon. Barrymore, with shoulder-length hair, goatee and pent thin moustache, makes a dashing, and strikingly three-dimensional Villon. Plus, William Cameron Menzies’ exquisitely detailed recreation Of 15th Century Paris is nothing short Of perfection. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed. 145 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Historical Drama