Best Of Betty Boop, The

201. THE BEST Of BETTY BOOP (1933-1936-USA). “Made Of pen and ink, she can win you with a wink. Ain’t she cute? Boop-oop-a-doop. Sweet Betty!” MAX FLEISCHER’S voluptuous young lady sings, dances and charms her way into your heart. Betty Boop was the first animated cartoon star to deal with sex! Nine masterpieces Of animation art and superb entertainment. Directed by DAVE FLEISCHER, MAE QUESTEL as the voice Of Miss Boop.
1. STOP THAT NOISE (1935). Driven crazy by urban noises, Betty flees to the country. But honking {and burping) ducks, buzzing bees and pesty mosquitoes, pigs and cows send her back to the good old city!
2. NO NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!! (1935). Betty performs in a corny, old-fashioned stage melodrama. A dastardly villain ties up the hero, woos Betty with diamonds, pearls and furs (she replies with the title song), then forcibly lakes her up in his balloon. Amidst a raging storm (created by dogs shaking Off water from above the stage), the hero breaks free and defeats his foe!
3. BETTY BOOP’S KER-CHOO (1933). With BIMBO and KOKO. Betty, her dog, bimbo and Koko the Clown in a superbly animated auto race that ends in the exciting finish line pile-up. Even though she’s under the weather (as she explains in the delightful song “I Got a Cold in My Nose”), Betty triumphs!
4. BETTY BOOP WITH HENRY, THE FUNNIEST LIVING AMERICAN (1935). Betty, a pet shop owner, sings “Everybody Oughta Have a Pet.” Henry, the bald little boy Of comic strip fame, agrees and takes care Of the shop in hopes Of getting a cute little dog. He battles a boisterous monkey, dances Russian- style with the dog and accidently frees a flock Of birds. Betty is upset, but when Henry captures the birds (they eat seeds Off his head), she rewards him with the doggie.
5. LITTLE NOBODY (1935). With PUDGY. Betty’s adorable little dog, Pudgy, is spurned by the pampered pooch Of a snobbish rich lady. A sympathetic Betty sings “Every little nobody is somebody to someone,” which Pudgy proves when he rescues the other dog from plunging over a waterfall. Extremely cute!
6. WE DID IT (1936). With PUDGY. Even cuter! Three mischievous kittens drive Pudgy to distraction as they turn a room upside down. When Pudgy tries to clean up their mess, Betty thinks it was his fault, until the kittens sing the captivating song, “We did, we did it – but we won’t do it again.”
7. BETTY BOOP and THE LITTLE KING (1936). An unbeatable combination! The Jolly little monarch, bored with a stuffy opera, sneaks away lo see Betty’s vaudeville show and ends up performing with her and a talented horse. Featuring excellent, seemingly three-dimensional backgrounds.
8. BETTY BOOP and LITTLE JIMMY (1936). Betty does exercises and sings “Keep Your Girlish Figure.” When she gets caught in the exercise machine, the little boy jimmy goes to find an electrician, but becomes hopelessly confused (optician? Magician? Politician? Beautician?), Betty ends up extremely skinny, then she and Jimmy become grotesquely obese. A surrealistic extravaganza!
9. BE HUMAN (1936). With GRAMPY. Betty, singing “Be human – animals can cry,” tries to save all helpless creatures from mistreatment. She enlists the support Of PrOfessor Grampy Of the Animal Aid Society, who finds a man whipping a horse and puts him into an ingenious machine that tortures him while simultaneously feeding horses and pigs! The man reforms and joins Betty, Grampy and the animals in a celebration. 56 minutes total. Cartoons