Betty Boop And Friends

1644. BETTY BOOP AND FRIENDS (1934-1939-USA). Leonard Maltin, in “Of Mice and Magic,” describes Betty Boop as “adorable…(and) the first animated cartoon star to deal with sex…Betty Boop was, in fact, a holdover from the 1920s – the perfect flapper, who could flirt and tease but remain pure and innocent.” Betty, with the able assistance Of a gallery Of supporting animated creations, struts her stuff in these entertaining MAX and DAVE FLEISCHER productions.
1. THE HOT AIR SALESMAN (1937). With BETTY BOOP, WIFFLE PIFFLE. Wiffle Piffle is a short little guy with a neck that’s as thin as a broomstick and a head that’s as round as a Ping-Pong ball. He impersonates a dimwitted door-to-door salesman who could not give away the shirt Off his back, let alone sell his array Of ingeniously quirky gadgets. Betty adds her usual oomph as one Of his potential customers.
2. MORE PEP (1936). With BETTY BOOP, PUDGY. Narrated by MAX FLEISCHER. This one is a lively, inspired combination Of animation and live action. It opens with a hand dipping a pen into an inkwell, and rapidly drawing the setting: a stage, where a lazy little pup named Pudgy is supposed to perform some death-defying tricks. Pudgy would much rather sleep, so Betty is called into the story to put some pep in the pup.
3. POOR CINDERELLA (1934). With BETTY BOOP. Betty does quite nicely for herself in this charming, musical mini-version Of the famed fairytale. That singing pumpkin is a real pip.
4. BABY BE GOOD (1935). With BETTY BOOP. Betty’s a dutiful mom who simply cannot get her baby to go to sleep. After the tyke squirts toothpaste over the housecat, Betty tells him a story that is sure to get this stubborn, naughty child in line – and keep him there.
5. MY FRIEND THE MONKEY (1939). With BETTY BOOP, PUDGY. Betty’s a hausfrau who introduces an organ grinder’s monkey to little Pudgy, who’s as cute as ever. She has to go out, so she leaves she pair on their own to play – much to Pudgy’s regret.
6. HOUSECLEANJNG BLUES (1937). With BETTY BOOP, GRAMPY. Betty awakens one morning after she’s given a party, to find her house a wreck. She suffers the title affliction as she haplessly attempts to clean up the mess. The situation improves considerably when her pal Grampy, a white-bearded old coot, arrives to assist her.
7. THE CANDED CANDIDATE (1937). With BETTY BOOP, GRAMPY. Grampy’s running for mayor, and Betty’s his most vocal supporter. The old boy is elected, and must prove to be his ever-resourceful self as he deals with a host Of citizen complaints.
8. HAPPY YOU AND MERRY ME (1936). With BETTY BOOP, PUDGY. Betty and Pudgy’s happy home- life is interrupted by a poor, sick little kitten who’s been separated from its mother. Betty’s prescription: a hearty supply Of catnip, which causes all sorts Of chaos. 54 minutes total. Cartoons