Betty Boop’s Rise To Fame

2974. BETTY BOOP’S RISE TO FAME (1934-1939-USA).
1.THE IMPRACTICAL JOKER (1937-USA). With BETTY BOOP, GRAMPY. The Boop-Boop-a- Doop girl oozes sexual innuendo in this subtly risque cartoon. Her good friend Grampy comes to her rescue when she is harassed by a practical joker, 2. ON WITH THE NEW (1938-USA). With BETTY BOOP. In her earlier films. Belly had a hard time keeping her clothes on. By this time the enforcement of the Production Code had sufficiently covered up the Boopster. However, her charm and personality still shine through. 3 JUDGE FOR A DAY (1935-USA). With BETTY BOOP. Betty Boop may be a sex object and a woman in a man’s world, but she is a liberated female. Here she becomes judge for a day and gets to suitably punish all the “pests” who bother her. 4. BETTY BOOP’S RISE TO FAME (1934-USA). With BETTY BOOP, MAX FLEISCHER. This unique combination of animation and live action features Max Fleischer, who with brother Dave are the creators of Betty Boop. Max is interviewed by a journalist about the way Betty is animated. He then draws Betty who offers impersonations of Fanny Brice and Maurice Chevalier. The leering “Cab Calloway” character is voiced by guess who. 5. SO DOES AN AUTOMOBILE (1939-USA). With BETTY BOOP. Betty is again a liberated lady as she operates an auto repair garage filled with some very human-looking cars.
6. WHOOPS! I’M A COWBOY (1937-USA). With BETTY BOOP, WHIFFLE PIFFLE. The co-star here is the nerdy Wiffle Piffle, who proposes marriage to Betty and then heads off to a dude ranch after she tells him she desires a “bronco-bustin” cowboy as a boyfriend.
7. MUSICAL MOUNTAINEERS (1939-USA). With BETTY BOOP. This is one of the very last Betty Boop cartoons produced by the Fleischer brothers. It has her caught in the middle of a Hatfield/McCoy-like country feud. Her charm (not to mention her dancing) quickly cool down the hostilities.
8. RHYTHM ON THE RESERVATION (1939-USA). With BETTY BOOP. Betty is a one-woman swing band. A highlight: the clever manner in which the characters create music and “swing,” This is noteworthy as the very last Betty Boop cartoon made by the Fleischers.
9. TAKING THE BLAME (1935-USA). With BETTY BOOP, PUDGY. A super-cute puppy named Pudgy and a mischievous cat upstage Betty in this likable comedy which truly is the cat’s meow!
61 minutes total. Cartoons