2519. BEWARE (1946-USA). With LOUIS JORDAN and HIS TYMPANY FIVE, FRANK WILSON. The man with the beat is famed black saxophonist, singer and band leader Louis Jordan. He most certainly is in the groove in this rapid-fire campus comedy with music. The entertainment begins with a pow-wow in the office of Ware College’s Dean Hargraves. He tells Professor Drury and beautiful physical education instructor Annabelle Brown that stodgy Benjamin Ware III has stopped funding the school. Ware’s grandfather had left enough money to finance another hundred years, but unexplained complications have put an end to the endowment. Could those “complications” have arisen from Annabelle’s refusal to marry this pampered good-for-nothing? Lucius Brokenshire Jordan just happens to appear at the dean’s office when his train makes an unscheduled stop in town. The dean remembers Lucius as a nice young man who had dated Annabelle and had made Ware III jealous. What the dean does not realize is that Lucius has become Louis Jordan, a world-famous musical headliner. Of course, the students recognize Louis as their favorite hep cat. Louis makes great music, and between songs he rekindles his romance with Annabelle and puts a tracer on the missing school funds. This delightful musical comedy will keep your toes tapping and add a beatific smile to your face! 55 minutes. “All Black” Musical