Beyond The Moon; Beyond The Curtain Of Space; Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

2116. BEYOND THE MOON (Beyond The Curtain Of Space) (Rocky Jones, Space Ranger) (1954-USA). With RICHARD CRANE, SALLY MANSFIELD, ROBERT LYDEN. “Rocky” had the distinction of being blasted off NBC’s spaceways faster than almost any other space opera. But you can’t keep a good Space Ranger down, and armed with imaginative story titles and fortunately shot on film, Rocky soon blasted off for theatrical orbit. In what appears to be his very first adventure. Rocky, his faithful cadet Winky, and the lovely Vena Ray are off to rescue Professor Newton and young Bobby. The Professor and Bobby may be traitors to the United Worlds of the Solar System, or they may be prisoners on the planet Ofeecious. Three episodes tell the complete story. 76 minutes Television Science Fiction