Beyond The Time Barrier

2295. BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER (1959-USA). With Robert Clarke. Directed by EDGAR G. ULMER. The date is March 5,1960. In the wake of Sputnik, the United States has rapidly increased its space program. Two-fisted Air Force Major William Allison is about to make history. He will pilot a jet on a crucial test mission. “For all practical purposes Major Allison will be in space,” it is noted. “What we learn on this flight will pretty well determine our next step in space.” The Major soars high and deep into the sky. His plane gains in altitude. It increases speed. ThenÉboom. It disappears into thin air. Only Major Allison does not know this. He is unaware that he and his plane have gone forward in time. “I’m very confused about what has happened to me,” he understandably declares upon landing. He will be in for quite a shock when he learns where he is and what has happened. The year is now 2024. Back in 1971, the constant bombardment of cosÂmic rays from outer space had resulted in a worldwide plague. All of the earth’s survivors are sterile or mutants or both. The Major finds himself in an eerie subterranean world; his plight and fate here make up this way-above-average science fiction drama directed in grand style by the fabled Edgar G. Ulmer and featuring some highly imaginative special effects. 75 minutes. Science Fiction