Big City Interlude; Morals For Women

2738. BIG CITY INTERLUDE (Morals For Women) (1931-USA). With BESSIE LOVE, EMMA DUNN, NATALIE MOOREHEAD, LINA BASQUETTE, CONWAY TEARLE. In this fervent and well-told soap opera, gifted leading lady Bessie Love gives a spirited performance as small-town girl Helen Hutson who moves to New York City to make good. There, she becomes the secretary and mistress of a businessman named Van Dyne who gives her beautiful clothes and a deluxe apartment where she and several unprincipled women entertain his clients. One day her childhood sweetheart Paul Cooper arrives on the scene and tells Helen that he is on the verge of closing a lucrative business deal that will allow them to marry. Thinking she will reveal the facts of her past to Paul before their wedding, Helen forsakes her sinful lifestyle and returns to the bosom of her family. She then learns that each member of her clan is in financial need, and so she decides to dole out money to each of the Hutson household. Eventually, Helen’s brother Bud fractures the skull of a young man who accuses her of being a fallen woman. In order lo keep him out of prison, Helen must come up with $1000-but fast! In order to procure the funds, she returns to New York Cily. Will her future be with Van Dyne or with Paul Cooper? Is it justifiable for a young woman to live a lifestyle of vice in order to help her family? This powerful melodrama offers an unbridled perspective on Helen’s moral predicament. 55 minutes. Melodrama