Big Picutre, The

2654. THE BIG PICTURE: “General Patton” and “World War II Battlefields Revisited” (c. 1964-USA). Two programs in the long-running series well-produced by the U.S. Army.
1. GENERAL PATTON. A vivid biography of “one of the great generals of military history.” Introduced by WALTER MATTHAU, narrated by RONALD REAGAN. America’s first tank commander, Patton, defeated Rommel in North Africa, his seventh Army conquered Sicily, and his third Army swept across France and into Germany itself. “Old Blood and Guts” is seen wearing his famous pearl-handled six-shooter and making a brief speech after the war. The hero of D-Day was killed in an automobile crash four months after the war.
2. WORLD WAR II BATTLEFIELDS REVISITED. From the beachhead at Normandy, through Cherbourg, Saint-Lo, Aachen, Baslogne (and its “Battered Bastards”) to the famous bridge at Remagen as our soldiers crossed the Rhine. Scenes and memories of the fighting alternate with peaceful scenes of the same sites after the war.
56 minutes total. Documentary