Bigamist, The

1937. THE BIGAMIST (19S3-usa). WITH joan fontaine, edmond o-brien, ida lupino, edmund gwenn. Music composed and conducted by Leith STEVENS. Directed by Ida lupino. Ida Lupino was more than a movie star: over the course of several decades, she was one of the rare women who was able to direct features in Hollywood. This is the only film in which she both directed and starred, and it is a complex, emotionally rich portrait of a desperately lonely, troubled man. Oscar winners Edmond O’Brien and Joan Fontaine star as Harry Graham, a travelling salesman who resides in San Francisco, and Eve, his seemingly perfect wife. As Eve is unable have children, the Grahams have applied to adopt a baby. They have impeccable references, are admired within their community; however, something bothers Mr. Jordan, the official in charge of the adoption, about Harry Graham. Jordan senses a reticence on Graham’s part, a withholding emotion. Perhaps it is simply a chip on his shoulder, or maybe it is something deeper. It seems Graham spends a great deal of time in Los Angeles where, as Jordan quickly discovers, he is also known as Harrison Graham and has a second wife (played by Lupino), and an infant son. As scenario unfolds, the hows, whats and whys of Graham and his double life are recounted. The is extremely well-acted, with the emotional sparks really flying in the scenes with O’Brien and Lupino. There also is an in-joke in the film, one in which fantasy and reality are cleverly joined. While taking a bus tour of movie star houses in Beverly Hills, O’Brien and Lupino have pointed to them the residence of the beloved character actor Edmund Gwenn – who happens to be cast Jordan! Edmund Gwenn’s character is also referred to as “a man who looks like Santa Claus!” (one of his most famous roles). 80 minutes. Drama